Man Food Sports – 25 April


This 2 hour Man Food workshop will focus specifically on nutrition for exercise and sport. Looking at pre, during and post exercise, and how you should eat and drink to maximize performance. Are you staring a new exercise regime? Training for a big event such as a marathon or triathlon? Trying to improve stamina &

MAN FOOD – 31st January 2015

Join us for an interactive 3 hour cookery & nutrition workshop designed specifically for men who want to improve and support their health and fitness through food. With busy work schedules and London lifestyles, it can be all too easy to skip meals and rely on convenience food. And yet we push our bodies to

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6 signs you’re low in iron

As featured in Cosmopolitan magazine

Low iron is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world, and is the only nutrient deficiency that is significantly prevalent in the western world, according to the World Health Organization. A staggering 2 billion people (that’s over 30% of the world’s population!) are thought to suffer from some degree of iron deficiency. And it’s especially

Spiky, poisonous outer layers and vivid colours: How superfruits have just got even more exotic

As featured in The Daily Mail

We all know we should be eating the recommended ‘five a day’ of fruit and veg. Now there’s a host of exotic superfruits that are said to help reverse the skin’s ageing process, boost energy levels and even fight disease.  Naomi Mead talks to The Daily Mail about the new exotic superfoods which are becoming